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The Laboratory for Information Analysis and Knowledge Mobilization


LIAKM Strategic Projects, Themes and Topics

The Laboratory for Information Analysis and Knowledge Mobilization encompasses thematic research from relatively mature research projects to less developed research projects, from strategic projects to more topical projects, from larger projects to smaller projects, and from foundational to applications-oriented research and development. Thematic research is categorized as (i) frontiers of information analysis; (ii) applications-oriented informatics development, and (iii) information management and knowledge mobilization, although projects often span themes. LIAKM is organized conceptually as shown in Figure 1.

                        LIAKM Overall Concept

                             Figure 1.    The overall conceptual organization of the Laboratory for Information Analysis and Knowledge Mobilization.


Strategic Projects

There are initially four strategic projects. These longer-term, more mature research projects are part of the conception of LIAKM, have ongoing research undertakings, some resources and include research into Cloud Computing, Systems Biology, Health Informatics and Digital Humanities.

Themes, Topics, Projects

LIAKM projects, grouped into the three themes for clarity ofpresentation: Frontiers of Information Analysis,  Applications-Oriented Informatics Development, Information Management and Knowledge Mobilization . These projects include a judicious mix of projects in varying stages of maturity, associated with one or more strategic projects.


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