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The Laboratory for Information Analysis and Knowledge Mobilization


LIAKM Members

York University, OCAD University, University of Toronto & University of Ottawa

Affliliated Partners


Contribution Partners

Empress Software, IBM, Infobright, Life:WIRE, MEIC, MITACS, NexJ, Privacy Analytics, Southlake, UHN, York Innovation....

The Laboratory for Information Analysis and Knowledge Mobilization will provide a unique and outstanding resource for Ontario researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, industry and institutions and will enable innovation from enforcing an intelligent multidisciplinary approach to solving problems inherent in information analysis. The tremendous support LIAKM is receiving and will receive from our industry partners and the access to datasets, especially the medical databases from Southlake, UHN and St. Michaels’, along with the sophisticated software for data analysis and business analytics made available by IBM, Empress, Infobright, NexJ and Life:Wire, the Blade cluster given York from IBM and access to IBM supercomputing will permit LIAKM researchers to tackle problems not fathomable just a few short years ago. The availability of these massive datasets, some from longitudinal studies and the computational resources to process and mine them mean that we can bring about a paradigm shift toward a research program that is founded on adaptive information extraction and analysis and evidence-based decision-making processes.

The LIAKM will work closely with the Centre for Innovation in Information Visualization and Data Driven Design whose focus on automatic induction of structural features of data and the creation of novel interactive visualization tools so as not to duplicate effort and to accelerate research innovation in both Centre and Laboratory. The outcomes of this research will be a new understanding of intelligent information analysis, insights into the application of a medical, ethical, legal, social, and cultural implication to the scientific and engineering aspects of creating and using sophisticated information analysis tools.

In addition, the net increase in the number of HQP trained in the LIAKM and the “soft skill” knowledge imparted to them through our partnership with Mitacs (technical training presentation and communications skills) and MEIC (access to the design incubator for student start-up ventures) will surely be to Ontario’s advantage. The ambitious and highly innovative training program is outlined below and the community outreach, also involving the HQP training regimen, is outlined subsequently.


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